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Arthur M Nezu, PhD, DHL, ABPP

Dr. Nezu is Distinguished University Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Professor of Medicine, and Professor of Public Health at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. He is a board certified psychologist, Fellow of multiple professional associations, recipient of numerous awards for his contributions to the science and profession of clinical psychology, and past member of several major task forces for the American Psychological Association (APA) (e.g., Presidential Advisory Work Group on the Implementation of Evidenced-Based Practice (EBPP) in Health Service Psychology, Clinical Practice Guideline Development Panel for the Treatment of Depressive Disorders Across the Life Span, Working Group to Revise the Journal Article Reporting Standards (JARS) for Quantitative Research). He is currently Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice and Associate Editor of the American Psychologist. He previously served as Editor of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Editor of the Behavior Therapist, and Associate Editor of the Archives of Scientific Psychology. Dr. Nezu has received funding for his research and program development activities from numerous organizations, including the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Mental Health, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, and the U.S. Air Force. He is a frequent contributor to the scientific literature, published 25 books, and gives workshops and invited addresses both nationally and internationally. Dr. Nezu was previously President of both the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies and the American Board of Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology. In addition, he was a board member and Secretary for the American Board of Professional Psychology, a member of APA's Board of Scientific Affairs, and a board member of the Society of Clinical Psychology. He is the co-developer of (Emotion-Centered) Problem-Solving Therapy and co-author of the Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised.

Christine Maguth Nezu, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Maguth Nezu is Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Professor of Medicine at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. She is a licensed psychologist and board certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) in both Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology and Clinical Psychology. She is a past president of the ABPP, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA), and the recipient of numerous awards for her life's work as a clinician, professor, administrator, mentor, and researcher. With a career spanning over three decades, Dr. Maguth Nezu has a strong history of scholarship, with over 175 peer-reviewed publications and 24 books. Several of her writings have been translated in various foreign languages. She serves on the editorial board for several prestigious journals in her field, including the American Psychologist, the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, and Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice. Dr. Maguth Nezu is best known for her work as the co-developer of Emotion-Centered Problem-Solving Therapy (EC-PST). She has collaborated with other scholars and clinicians in the United States and internationally regarding the dissemination and adaptation of EC-PST to diverse and often underserved populations. These have included individuals with intellectual disabilities, U. S. Veterans, adults at risk for depression and suicide, individuals with chronic illness, and certain forensic populations. As a result of these collaborations, EC-PST has been adopted by multiple medical, academic, and clinical organizations in the U. S., Europe, Australia, Japan, Viet Nam, China, the United Kingdom, Korea, and Zimbabwe. Moreover, her clinical training programs have been adapted and implemented by the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, and the U. S. military. 

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